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H & J CBD Equine Supplements


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Learn more from our trusted customers about our hemp supplement for horses.  H & J Equine cannabidiol cookies for horses offer many benefits, which include supporting and promoting joint health, focus and mental clarity while the horse still performs at a high level, appetite, skin sensitivity and much more.


I started my senior citizen horses on H & J discs one month ago.  We had just moved my mom's horse to my barn and boy was he stressed out by the move. This was Elation's first time away from mom's house and he is 28 years old.  Elation kept pacing back and forth non-stop and whinied constantly.  After two visits from the vet, I decided what the heck and gave the CBD discs a try even though I was extremely skeptical. What a difference a week made.  He settled down and the pacing stopped.  I was also surprised when I noticed that he was moving around freely and not stiff from the arthritis.  I then put my other senior citizen horse on the discs and he is also moving around with ease and the swelling in his back legs is gone.  The difference in these two horses was astonishing.  I am sold on the H & J CBD Equine discs.  

-Jill, Elation and Ty


I have a miniature horse named Clyde who is 20 years old.  In the fall of 2020, he was having trouble walking.  I called my vet and he was diagnosed with arthritis in his front legs.  I wondered if CBD would help.  I found H & J CBD Equine Supplements and called and talked to Jeri.  She sent me a bag of the discs priority mail.  As soon as I started him on the discs, I could see improvement every day.  Then they came out with the liniment and both Clyde and I love it.  Clyde is walking so much better and I can tell he is not hurting like he was.  I am so thankful for Jeri and Heidi.  They treat me and Clyde like family.  I highly recommend the CBD discs and liniment.  I don't know what we would have done without them. 

-Penny & Clyde


My boy Kenya (24 yr old QH) and I were at a barn for many years that turned into a bad situation and turned him into a nervous wreck. We moved almost 2 years ago to a wonderful, quiet barn but Kenny's anxiety remained. Ran through the gamut of calming supplements to no avail. CBD was really our last option. I did hours of research and decided to try H & J CBD discs, he loves cookies. I gave him 2 cookies/ day, morning & evening (he's 16'1", 1250 lbs) and within 2 days I could see a real difference in his behavior, really took the edge off. A few weeks in and I'm extremely pleased and would definitely recommend this product. 


And a big thank you to H & J. My order didn't arrive even though it was shipped immediately and Jeri sent me a replacement bag which I received a few days later. Much appreciated. Great company!

Macey & Kenya


"My horse “Monster” had a reputation for being somewhat difficult. He always seemed to lose focus and become agitated during training exercises. After being on H & J CBD supplements for 2 weeks, he is a different horse. He seems so much quieter and focused under saddle, and it became easier to teach him what was necessary for his job. He also seems to retain the information much better. In the barn, he stands nicely in the crossties and is so much more pleasant to be around. I highly recommend H&J, it has made BOTH of our lives better!"

-Shalaine & Monster, Fort Collins, CO


Your CBD Disc has really helped my old donkey.  Previously, she wouldn't even come to the barn at feed time.  I had to take her feed out to the pasture.  Now she is grazing with the other horses and donkeys and leads the pack to the barn when it's feeding time.  Thank you for making such a great product. 

Mary C., Florida


Hello H & J Equine, I just wanted to let you know that your CBD equine cookies are a fabulous training aid.  Not only getting my colts started but to my farriers delight trimming their feet is no longer an issue.  Now the process is "no fear" for my horses and my farrier. 

Antonia - Bar-B Farm and Ranch Valley View Texas


"My horse is a nine-year-old gelding and we compete in the ranch riding. Woody is getting older and slowing down. I did not want to resort to pharmaceuticals to make him comfortable.  When I heard about the H & J CBD supplements, I knew I had to get some for Woody. After one week, I could tell immediately that he felt better and we were able to ride longer. I highly recommend this product as it is easy to feed and really works."
-Wade and Woody


"I love what the girls did with these CBD supplements. My horse tore his tendon and is healing at record speed. My veterinarian is so intrigued by the cookies, he has asked me to order some for him. We can’t say for certain, but we think adding CBD to my horse’s diet is helping to promote faster healing."
-Karen and Flashy


We have had my horse, Sophie, on H & J CBD supplements for several months now. She is an older ex-show horse that we noticed she has slowed down in the last 2 years and didn’t get around as well as she used to. We really wanted her retirement years to be as easy and pain-free as we could make them. Since starting H & J CBD supplements within a month Sophie was getting around better and running around in the turn-out pasture. She loves the taste of the cookie and is always looking for them before her grain. I have had great customer service with Jeri and always get my shipment right on time.

-Inga G.


I have a wonderful horse, Annie,11, who has an incurable issue with her Pastern and given 18 months.  In the meantime, my vet feels with her passionate nature and individuality she is not ready to go yet...she still kicks her heels up and runs as if she is not chronic.  She is being given Previcox to provide pain relief without the side effects of Bute, however, there have been times she has looked lost in space, and tentative walking.  I asked my vet, Tom Wendel DVM if we could supplement with CBD to take any edge off, and he recommended H & J's product as being pure and only the best ingredients.   After two weeks she has bounced back, is more alert, moves with more ease, and seems happier.  I would heartily recommend this wonderful cookie, though I pop it in the microwave for 15 seconds to make it softer for my pampered girl. 



I am so happy with this product.  We hauled our horses from Washington to Oklahoma and then on to Florida.  The horses did not lose weight and seemed super happy when they came off the trailer.  We are 100% sold on this product and will keep feeding our horses the H & J CBD supplements anytime we are taking them down the road. 



My horse started getting warts.  My veterinarian kept taking them off and gave me an ointment to rub over it, but they always came back.  I bought the H & J CBD supplement because the other horse joint supplements seem to quick working.  Not only is my horse moving better and acting younger, but the warts have also completely disappeared.  The only thing I can contribute that to is the CBD supplement.  Thank you for making such a great product. 

-Mark B.




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H&J Equine is a proud small business serving the equine community across the United States. This holistic treatment option is a great fit for helping horses, mules, donkeys, ponies, and miniature horses. Our CBD liniments and discs holistically support the treatment of anxiety, digestive systems, inflammation, pain sensitivity, arthritis, skin conditions, and more! Order yours today to see why H&J Equine was voted “Best CBD Equine Supplements Company – USA” by Global Health & Pharma.
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