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What is the difference between full spectrum vs isolate CBD?

What is the difference between full-spectrum and isolate?   There are many different cannabis plants some are known as Marijuana and some are known as Hemp. The known active constituents or naturally occurring chemicals that have medicinal properties in the cannabis plants are known as Cannabinoids. “Among these are CBD and THC, along with over a hundred others which scientists have discovered naturally occurring within different Cannabis strains(1)”. The difference is Marijuana contains CBD & higher amounts of THC and Hemp contains CBD and less than .03% THC which does not have the psychoactive effects like Marijuana does. Most of the CBD you see especially if it is in a retail store it is coming from Hemp plants. The common way that they acquire the CBD is by using ethanol or CO2 extraction.  CO2 is preferred due to its less toxic properties.  Now that you got the basics of CBD lets get into the spectrums and isolates 


All spectrums and isolates their pros and cons but the most preferred these days is the Full spectrum so we will start with that.


Full-spectrum: A full spectrum CBD has many cannabinoids including terpenes, and essential oils (1). When we look at the human body or animal body we are made up of many different natural chemicals and when you have a full spectrum CBD that has many different naturally occurring chemicals as well, the body will more likely be supported better with a full spectrum of those naturally occurring chemicals because the body will respond better to them.  Think about when you take a sleeping pill.  If you keep taking them your body will get used to the pills and the sleep aid will eventually quit working.  Since the full-spectrum CBD is all-natural and not stripped of the THC and other compounds, humans, dogs, horses, donkey's and mules systems will never get used to it.  So it will always work at maximum efficiency.  


Isolate: is where the CBD has no other cannabinoids, oils, flavonoids, plant parts or terpenes (1) just that one active constituent.  This would be preferred by some if they want it to target a specific ailment CBD is good for.


Full-Spectrum CBD compounds are always different so the body does not get used to it.  Example is if you are taking a sleeping pill and the first few months it works great but after time it doesn't work very well.  Your body has gotten used to it because the compound is always the same. That is what happens when an Isolate is used.   The Full spectrum from hemp is the preferred one by most and the one we use in our H & J Equine CBD discs

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