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Can CBD help my horses anxiety?

When the H & J Equine CBD Supplement disc was developed to help the horses with pain management, we noticed that our CBD discs (cookies)  also had a calming and focusing effect on our equine friends. When it comes to how to calm stressed horses with natural supplements, we have received many positive testimonials. With the horses we tested our product on, we kept hearing that the horses, donkeys, and mules were less anxious and more relaxed.


CBD for Horses & Equines Testimonials


One of the first testimonials we received for our horse anxiety supplements was from a person who rides hunter jumpers. Her horse Monster seemed to get distracted easily while in training. After a few days taking the CBD Oil disc, we received a call stating that he had settled down and was amazing not only going over the jumps but in steering and lead changes. Much more trainable is what we are hearing over and over again. Calming a stressed horse and treating anxiety in horses holistically is seen repeatedly as we received even more testimonials.


The second testimonial on our CBD for horses comes from a lady in Texas who shared with me that her young horses were a little nervous when the farrier came out to trim feet. She gives both colts two CBD oil discs a few hours before the farrier appointment and the horses aren’t tense or anxious.


The third testimonial was from a customer who barrel races competitively and the horses are in the trailer most of the summer going from rodeo to rodeo. She stated that giving the CBD horse anxiety supplement to calm the stressed horses on a regular basis not only kept them feeling good physically, but the horses were not losing weight traveling in the trailer. She felt that they were much more comfortable and relaxed.


Finally, I am the last testimonial when it comes to the results of CBD for horses. My AQHA World Champion mare tore a tendon. She was on stall rest for six months. Not only was she calm and happy in her stall, but my veterinarian was also surprised about how quickly her injury healed. When people ask how to calm a stressed horse, I can easily answer as I have seen, first-hand, the benefits of treating anxiety in horses holistically with our CBD horse anxiety supplements.


I also have a two-year-old who was less than thrilled about coming into the show barn to get broke. She paced in her stall hours on end. When my trainer called to let me know, we immediately started giving her the CBD supplement. Within hours, she was calm and relaxed and learning to enjoy stall and show horse life.


We know that CBD works with dogs during thunderstorms, fireworks, etc. Studies are also finding that CBD oil helps with PTSD, anxiety, and insomnia in people. So, we were not surprised to see the same calming results in equines. This article from Healthline shows the results of using CBD for anxiety from several studies.   


Starting with our CBD cookies for horses, which have industry-related research, we aim to help your horse to be the best and healthiest version of themselves.

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