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What can I give my horse for arthritis?

Arthritis is a painful culprit no matter what the species and the body systems, for the most part, all are the same.  Arthritis is a nonspecific term meaning inflammation of a joint. There are many kinds of Arthritis in horses, traumatic arthritis, osteochondritis dissecans, subchondral cystic lesions, septic (or infective), and osteoarthritis (also called degenerative joint disease (DJD) (1) to name a few. We spoke to several veterinarians including Colorado State University and while Equioxx or a generic equivalent is most commonly prescribed.  However, more and more studies are showing Full-Spectrum CBD Oil made from Hemp or Omega3 supplements are also beneficial.  Some veterinarians prescribe Bute or injections if your equine friend is have a bad flair up.  As wel all know, long term use of Bute is hard on the horses system and injections are expensive. 

All types of arthritis create pain and some are far worse than others creating a horse to be lame.  The pain can be Chronic (persisting for a long time or constantly recurring (2)) or Acute (at present time (3)) Depending on arthritis the damage can be so severe it causes ligament tears, swelling (inflammation), and fractures in more severe cases arthritis can happen when there has been an injury and it creates the joint to be compromised or when there is constant wear and tear over years of work. When a horse is young just like us we seem to be invincible and the body's systems function is healthy, but as the body ages our invincible times catch up with us and our systems do not function as well as they did due to the nature of degeneration (getting old).  So let’s look at it more in-depth to give a better understanding of the body systems and how they play a part.  Hang in there with me my science nerd is going to come out and I will try to explain it so it’s easy to understand! There are many systems to the amazing complex body but I will give a shortened version of a few that I feel are some of the ones that are important factors involved with arthritis, like the Circulatory system, Lymphatic/ Immune System, the Nervous System, and the Muscular System and how they affect each other. 

The Circulatory system as most of us know is our circulation of blood but what we don’t realize is that blood also carries red blood cells that have hemoglobin which contains iron, is known for carrying oxygen to the tissues specifically the lungs. Without that oxygen, the body would not get the nutrients and fluids to where they need to go.  Oxygen is like the gas in our cars its energy.  This energy helps the blood flow so the other systems will function well. 

The Lymphatic system is the immune system.  It consists of a fluid called lymph, this transfers through lymphatic vessels in the body to transport the lymph fluid to a number of structures and organs containing lymphatic tissue and red bone marrow, where stem cells develop into various types of blood cells that help circulate fluids to the body to defend against disease(4). Stem cell therapy is some of the newest breakthrough medicine for regenerating tissues, fighting against arthritis and many other diseases.  The body produces stem cells naturally within the immune system but with age and how the body is treated with proper nutrition, natural remedies and emotional health depends on how well the stem cells regenerate.

The Muscular system consists of bones, cartilage, muscles, ligaments, and tendons.  Its job is to mostly support the body, give motion and protect the other organs.  When an injury happens, the other body systems have to work very hard in repairing that area.  When the systems are working properly healing happens fast and recovery is at its peak but when the systems are not working properly or exhausted due to age or constantly trying to repair that area over a long period of time it results in chronic pain because the circulatory didn’t have enough oxygen to send to the area which carried the nutrients to the pain site and the stem cells were not at their peak to regenerate tissue and the nervous system was so overwhelmed the messages from the brain were not getting there fast enough or became overwhelmed and got confused and we now have a big ball of inflammation.  

The Nervous system is our brain for the brain.  It consists of billions of neurons with long, interconnecting processes that form complex integrated electrochemical circuits (1).  So basically it is the wires like in your car that sends the message to brain which allows the body to feel sensations (ouch that hurts), tells the circulatory system blood where to send the blood and oxygen, the lymphatic/immune system to produce fluid to make stem cells the muscular system to move like blinking our eyelids and to basically keep the computer going so the body can survive. Whew and that’s just a small part of the goes on in the body.

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